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A current project lead by volunteers at Hive

Facemasks (handmade by Hive Bradford volunteers) 

For a suggested £6 donation to Hive Bradford, we will provide 2 masks (one to wear, one to wash). To donate: click on the donate page at the top right hand side of the home page

If you would like a set, please send a screen shot of the donation confirmation page to [email protected] and details of your order and delivery address. We have 2 sizes: Small (fits most women) and Medium (fits most men). Our masks are Made from repurposed fabric (but from cotton as per the research on which materials block out small germ particles best)



We run a variety of projects at Hive in partnership with the community, private or public sector organisations, or directly commissioned or funded by them. These projects can help to increase life, social and communication skills, mental or physical wellbeing. They also aim to decrease isolation and engage communities. 

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"The staff and volunteers are always very friendly and helpful. I feel included by members and staff alike - like it is our centre"