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Terms & Conditions

Hive offers arts and crafts workshops in an informal atmosphere. Spaces are also available for people to drop in and work on their own  Whether you’re viewing this web site, registering for a workshop, or purchasing a gift voucher, you are entering into a legal agreement with our company, there are a few things you should know. Please read the following carefully.


Hive is a company limited by by guarantee, registered in England and Wales; No. 4720047
Hive is also a registered charity; No 1100741
Our registered address is Hive, Kirkgate, Shipley. BD5 8ER. Our telephone number is 01274 598928

Fair terms

We value your business, so we’ve tried hard to make our terms as fair and balanced as possible. These terms apply on any orders and although they cannot be changed on an individual purchase, we welcome your input. Feel free to contact us.

Booking a workshop

Courses can only be booked on receipt of the fee (where appropriate). Course fees are only refundable, if notice of inability to attend is given two weeks before the start of the course, or in exceptional circumstances.

Our right to cancel a course or course session

In the event that a course is cancelled, we’ll attempt to give you as much warning as possible to the email address/phone number that you’ve registered with us. Course fees will be refunded in such a case, or if so wished, where possible, we shall transfer your booking to another course of your choice.
In the event that we have to cancel one or more sessions of a course .we’ll attempt to give you as much warning as possible to the email address/phone number that you’ve registered with us. Canceled sessions will be replaced at a date and time agreed between the students and tutor. However, we cannot accept responsibility for wasted travel or other costs or for disappointment.

Purchasing gift vouchers

Vouchers counting towards the cost of courses and workshops at Hive can be purchased in person, are easy to redeem and are valid for 6 months after purchase.
As we cannot control what is done with a voucher once purchased, your normal statutory right of cancellation within 7 working days is therefore waived. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.


To register for a course or workshop online you’ll need to provide your email address, which will become your username, and a password. Please keep this login information confidential as you are responsible for any activity related to this username and password.

Intellectual property rights

All content on the Hive website, including but not limited to words, code and graphics, is our own property or is licensed to us and may not be copied or reproduced in part or whole by any means without our express written permission. (You may make a copy for your personal use only).

Virus protection

We hate computer viruses as much as you do, so we take great pains to protect our website users from them by passing everything we upload through an up-to-date virus prevention software package. Of course, it’s impossible to guarantee that a virus will not get through to our website either through that system or by someone attacking the site. To safeguard yourself, please make sure that you have your own up-to-date virus protection software and keep backups of your system so that you do not lose important data in the event that a virus or other device gets through. We can’t, therefore, be responsible for any losses you incur through such an attack

Links to third party web sites

From time to time, our website may contain links to other websites.  When you activate those links, you will leave the Hive website. As we have no control over the content of those sites and what they do with any personal information you may give them, we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss you may incur as a result of visiting that site.
We recommend you exercise sensible caution before undertaking any activity on such sites. Although we do not have the resources to get involved in any disputes between yourself and the people who run such a site, we appreciate you bringing any problems to our attention.